The Palestinian Animal League


As-salamu-alaykum. The Palestinian Animal League (PAL) are a grassroots non-profit NGO who operate in the occupied territories of Palestine (West Bank). PAL are primarily an animal welfare group who have reasoned that much of the anger, hatred and violence associated with the oppression is often taken out firstly upon animals, which in turn serves to desensitise young Palestinians, increasing their chances of being drawn into further violence as they grow and ultimately taking up militant positions against the occupation. Hence PALS efforts have always been geared towards breaking this cycle of violence, by interacting with young people and nurturing their innate capacity for kindness and creative non-violent resistance.

There is an increasing awareness among modern Human Rights groups that both Human and Animal Rights are inextricably interwoven. As Confucius once said, ‘we are all but one family, it just so happens that under the sky we are different’. Hence violence to animals is a form of self-destruction and there is no doubt that it is affecting us all in some way shape or form. We know for example that many of those employed to slaughter animals sometimes go on to kill, injure or rape other humans (read more). Hence we wholeheartedly support PAL and all those who have arrived at similar conclusions making efforts to clamp down on aggression, cruelty and violence early on.

We met up with PAL at the annual IAR Conference in Luxembourg 2013, and have since encouraged them to come over to England and spread the message of their fantastic work back home in Palestine. They are truly an inspirational group and we’re sure they will be an inspiration to you too. The founder of PAL will be speaking firstly in Leeds West Yorkshire before heading over to London, Brighton & Manchester. This event is free for all so please spread the word. Through PAL we can help support those affected by the occupation, poverty and disparity in the West Bank Province.

Please confirm if you will be attending by joining the facebook event or via email. The Leeds event will be held at the Mill Hill Chapel in Leeds City Centre. If you need any further information please email us.

Thank you to all those who attended these events and help make it possible, Ahmad, Liz, Tino, LAP etc. Here is a video summery of PAL UK Tour 2015 🙂

To listen to Ahmad’s talk in Leeds and see an exclusive interview with him, please click here

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