Green Web Hosting: OrangeWebsite

Green Web-hosting: OrangeWebsite

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Having an online presence is an important tool for many groups, organisations or other entities as it makes their campaigns, projects and services accessible to a much wider audience. Therefore facilitating the development and expansion of the group, enabling it to achieve & further its goals. Moreover, all the popular social media networks can be anchored to your website transforming it into a hub or gateway to an even larger audienceIn the case where an organisation’s ethos, aims or opinions (be they political or religious) are construed by a governing authority as controversial, problematic or as opposing cultural norms, it becomes essential to find a webhost that is  governed by policies that favour free speech & religious freedom over state censorship and coercion. This was the case for us as will now be considered. 

At some point during 2013 it was decided that we needed a website in order to further develop the organisation. We already had some of the basic social media platforms which on their own didn’t seem enough. We didn’t really know where to begin. Our budget was virtually nonexistent, which left us with only one option, and that was to find free web hosting services. So that is what we did, there are many out there, but let us say this, they’re extremely difficult to work with, and even some of the ‘better’ ones will in some cases lock you out, preventing you from even updating your website for a limited time. Nevertheless, in terms of experimenting with wordpress themes, and learning a few basics they’re okay, but sooner or later you’re going to need a reliable webhost. This is where Green Web Hosting comes in.

We carried out an extensive assessment of reputable web-hosting providers from all corners of the world, you name it, we compared it. We searched high and low for something affordable that would not comprimes quality. We even checked the some of the few vegan web-hosting companies that exist hoping that they would show us some vegan love, but hey hey hey, in the end we’re glad that they didn’t. It came to light that some of our campaigns could be highly political, for example, our campaigns for free speech in the UK, a number of high profile activists and intellectuals were banned indefinitely from entering the country in 2005/6 in particular Rod Coronado followed by Dr. Steven Best a year later. Despite being loved by many and hated by none with the exception of two powerful investors (the pharmaceutical & meat industries), we recognised that campaigning for these voices of liberation might not go down too well with the UK Police State, and other colonial inspired nations, who in turn are highly influenced by these industries. In fact, we discovered that a number of standardly hosted websites that were pushing for human rights had been shut down by the UK government. In particular, one group that was campaigning for disability rights.

IcelandWe had no choice but to go to Iceland as it is one of the few countries whose people take freedom of speech seriously, hence, its laws place free speech over the interests of corrupt bankers and other coercive sectors. Again we assessed a number of companies before approaching ‘OrangeWebsite’ who unlike the others embraced our ethos and resonated with our quest for free speech. We looked at what they had to offer, and started out on the Silver Hosting plan. We feel this bundle is very reasonably priced at only €5.50 per month (euros not pounds!). It includes:

  • 3GB Web Space
  • 300GB Monthly Traffic
  • 2 Addon Domains

  • Advanced DDoS Protection
  • One-Click Installer
  • Free SiteBuilders

  • cPanel
  • Hosted in Iceland
  • 30 Day money back guarantee!

different_imgThis has been more than adequate for us to help grow and develop our campaigns without the threat of been closed down by UK Police State authorities. There is also a less expensive option, the bronze plan and also gold and platinum which are also very reasonably priced. Another thing we can say about OrangeWebsite is that the customer service is outstanding. We had lots of questions and needed lots of support as we were complete beginners (and still are!). Orange have provided this support without prejudice.

It doesn’t stop there, OrangeWebsite are powered by renewable energy and hence they create no pollution from their office and storage facilities. Other strengths of OrangeWebsite are the high security and emergency backup measures. Nowadays, many servers are getting hacked and services brought down. Although OrangeWebsite is not completely immune of hack attacks, they nevertheless have an unbreakable system which will never fail you. The worst thing that can happen is a temporary closure for maybe 10 – 20 minutes while the technicians restore services.

Orange also have ‘virtual private servers’ and ‘dedicated servers’ for those looking for even more space, privacy and protection. You will also be able to purchase domain names or transfer existing ones at good value.

We are completely satisfied with their professional service and strongly recommend them. Whether you are an individual blogger looking for basic secure services or an organisation looking to expand, or find better secure services, look no further than OrangeWebsite we give it 10/10 every time.
“We are an Iceland-based freedom of speech web hosting provider. Our mission is to provide everyone in the world an equal opportunity to publish their words freely without being harassed or censored. The services we offer are specifically designed for people who are concerned about security and privacy matters. We have been rapidly growing to become one of the leading web hosting providers in the country. We have clients from over 100 different countries around the world as of 2014.”
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