Meat The Truth

NAOMI KLEIN in her film/book ‘THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING’ argues that she doesn’t like POLAR BEARS (as symbol for climate change urgency). It is argued that maybe she feels that image of the stranded the polar bear on the glacier does not do justice symbolising the magnitude of problem, maybe representing climate changes as something that is totally out of reach for most people. Whatever the reason she does a good job of misrepresenting the core of the problem and solution to it herself as did Al Gore in his film ‘An Inconvenient Truth‘. However, ‘marianne-meat-truth2_001MEAT THE TRUTH‘, although attributing only 18% of green house gases to the meat and dairy industry is much more realistic and factual (than the aforementioned films) about the reality of climate change and hence how people can make a difference. The ‘18%’ however does not amongst other things seem to account for the loss of biodiversity and the consequence of that loss for global warming. Nevertheless, it is an extraordinary movie (made by the Nicolaas G. Pierson Foundation from Holland) that makes a good attempt to show us the whole and bitter truth about the influence of the meat industry on our climate and on the devastation of our environment, water and air.

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The Government has granted licenses to energy companies to launch exploratory drilling throughout the North and the rest of the UK, including in an area that covers Leeds. At the end of the last Parliament (and flying in the face of concerns from independent scientific institutions, cross-party Parliamentary committees and environmental groups) the government moved to water down environmental protections that would have ensured public and environmental health came first in any dash for shale gas. We believe that there should be a complete halt on Fracking and exploratory drilling & preparation work because the very real environmental and public health concerns surrounding the Fracking industry have not been addressed. Please sign this petition.
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