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Hugo the Poet is a dedicated esoteric Rap exile from the UK. Having left tremors of press attention in his wake in Britain for parody rap song ‘Branksome’, a tongue in cheek ode to his leafy suburban ‘hood, he turned his attention to alternative avenues. Arriving in Melbourne in 2007, he quickly became a feature in the North Side hip hop scene, making contact with such local luminaries as Elf Tranzporter, Mantra, Julez, 1/6 and Pataphysics, and building a reputation as a rising, if unconventional, freestyle talent. It was always his goal to use the art of rap in as innovative a manner as possible, and, quickly forming a collaboration with fellow English DJ ‘Treats’, a theatrical, comedic and spiritually uplifting live show began to coalesce. With the backing Treats’s musical omni-genre explorations, Hugo provided ever more esoteric freeform poetry to audiences at venues across the city and onstage at festivals. He also collaborated with Miso, Combat Wombat and Editor. Recently known for Hugo & Treats live shows, Hugo also raps with genre-defying, festival rocking world music band ‘Dub The Magic Dragon’.

In 2010, and with a solid week of events, he released full-length album ‘The Enlightenment Era’, available at However, his most innovative and far-reaching project arrived when he hooked up with PHD Historian, and all round genius, Giordano Nanni. Together the pair created the online satirical current affairs show ‘Rap News’, hosted by character Robert Foster, on Nanni’s YouTube channel The Juice Media. This project swiftly garnered international attention and hundreds of thousands of views, and catapulted the pair into hitherto undreamt of scenarios. In 2010, they were invited to London by one Julian Assange to participate in the launch of Wikileaks’ Iraq War Logs and to create an episode of Rap News on the same topic, featuring Mr Assange himself. Hugo continues to work with DJ Treats, Dub The Magic Dragon, and Giordano Nanni’s Rap News. 2011 will see more episodes of the seminal online Rap News show released, a tour of India with Dub the Magic Dragon, and a full-length immersive mixtape with DJ Treats.

Hugo on Youtube

Hugo’s track on the Forest Man was the one that initially appealed to the iva but here’s a selection of some other favorites. Hugo has bags of material that corresponds with our aims therefore we would strongly encourage anyone with similar values to support this artful poet through Patreon – Hugo clearly wants to see places like Yarl’s Wood, shut down forever, vivisection wiped off the face of the earth (in the words of dr s best), and freedom of speech upheld in cases such as dr s best.

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Dub Fx & Hugo The Poet crossover song available now:
VIDEO here:

 Freedom is the right of all sentient beings, bless up bless up!

Yarl’s Wood Shut it Down

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