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In summer 2014 we participated in and prepared wholesome vegan food for a spectacular ‘comics workshop’ by Sharad Sharma of World Comics India (click here for more info). All those who came acquired some basic skills in comic making and enjoyed good vegan food. We would like to see more comics promoting things like multiculturalism, interfaith solidarity, cruelty free consumption, plant based nutrition etc, and also comics that challenge things like poverty, homelessness, racism, sexism, speciesism  and so forth. One way we’d like to do this is through the production of these simple 4 frame wall poster comics you see here and on related pages. We’d also like to assemble groups to help distribute such comics and also publish through our social media.

Here are a few photos from the initial comic workshop:


Click here to view comics post page! Why not submit a four frame comic and we’ll share it in our website? Click here for guidance on how to produce a simple four frame comic!  If you come across any theme on this website that you like or that you have any personal experience with, or any related stories about, we’d encourage you to draft up a mini comic about it, especially if it helps address an important issue that is also important to you. You could then promote this by any means necessary, and help push for change. We would however be more than happy to consider any comic you produce to be displayed on our website. Simply attach it to an email and send to and we’ll get back to you. Stay blessed. Peas be with you, and may the paws be with also! If you’re local to us, why not help out with our cooking for the homeless project, or maybe our growing food for the homeless project? Or if you know anyone who can help our organisation grow, do let us know, or refer us to them! We’re happy to consider sponsors that share our ethics or that holds a similar ethos and missionThanks for stopping by, do call again 🙂

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