No Al Toro De La Vega – End Bull Fighting

No Toro De La Vega No EnteryNo Al Toro De La Vega

End Bull Fighting Now And Forever

On the 20th of September 2015 we teamed up with rock & roll legends Major Arcana and friends in support of their effort to raise international awareness about the cruel and bloody act of bullfighting. In particular, there is an event held annually in a town called Torodesilla. TORO1The event is called “Torneo del Toro de la Vega” which means “The Meadow Bull Tournament” and involves the wanton massacre many innocent and defenseless bulls. This is followed by a similar event weeks later that involves children as young as 7 or 8 who are encouraged by their fathers to partake in the stabbing of young bulls. Although Torodesilla is only one of many sadistic events that takes place in Spain activists felt it was necessary to take this campaign outside of Spain to gain more international exposure to the needles cruelty that continues to take place in this backward society. A massive banner was hung from London Bridge while leaflets were distributed to bypassers, many of whom were truly disgusted to learn how cruel, heartless and uncivilised these people of Spain are. 
Major Arcana are very passionate about their work and much of their music is geared towards animal liberation, raising awareness about the plight of humanity, and inspiring compassionate souls into taking affirmative action. We support them 100% and hope that you will too. Sadly, there is a lot money made from bullfighting, especially in spain. This is because the industry claims that bullfighting is part of Spanish culture and so the EU makes special provisions for this and grants them millions of Euros. Consequently, Major Arcana have been on the receiving of some serious death threats from terrorist organisations in Spain. But like Major, many disagree that bullfighting is cultural, it is certainly unchristian, and even if it is considered cultural, it does not excuse the needless cruelty.
It is profit motivated and needs to be brought to an end as soon as possible. Hence, Major Arcana’s latest campaign invites people from around the world to make posters, banners, audios, videos, music, anything expressing support for the abolition of bullfighting.

Moreover, any media that people can put together that discourages people from visiting bullfighting countries or buying products manufactured in those countries (Spain, Mexico, France, Portugal, peru, colombia, ecuador etc) will be extremely valued, so please do your research, and get designing.
Also if people can get their media, photos etc taken inside or outside the Spanish embassy it would have greater impact. When people have their media ready they can send it through to Major Arcana who will blast it through their networks helping to increase pressure on the governments of those countries to take action. People can also upload their media via facebook or send it in to us if they prefer.




Song 1, ‘Toro’ by Anne Clark song 2 is a remix of La Tortura No Es Cultura by Major Arcana also see video below:

We will be heading over to Brussels soon to delivery our petition, including one for Shambo, please get in touch if you’d like to join us. Peace be with you. More to follow about bullfighting please check back soon. Hindus ask for bullfighting ban in Spain, read more.
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