Justice for Shambo

Shambo The Hindu Temple Bull

  Gone But Not Forgotten

The British Government needlessly sacrificed a healthy Graceful Bull that was cared for by dedicated Hindus at the at the Scandavale Sanctuary in South Wales. Now its time for people of faith to unite and sacrifice the British Beef and Dairy industry. Of course, in line with the principles of sanctity for life people of all faiths, cultures beliefs etc are encouraged to unite upon this common course, abolish animal slavery full stop. We need Hindu’s Buddhists, Sikhs, Christians, Jews, Muslims, people of all faiths including those who may be described as atheist, humanist agnostic and so forth to unite – with earth/animal rights groups and vice versa. It seems that any significant degree of social change is dependant on the unification of fellow earthlings. Therefore we should take this opportunity to address Institutional Speciesism and demand the abolition of animal slavery. Tell the Department of Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) there is no such thing as “over exploitation” as they say – And that all exploitation is wrong and needs bringing to an end the sooner the better. Please sign the petition beneath – No compromise  – Be sure to Unite

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Because in modern culture the cow is mainly seen as an economic resource, a commodity, a milk machine etc, because most people are speciesist, i.e.have created God in Man’s image, or some other form of Human Superiority, racial superiority is but a ‘walk in the park’, hence the fate of Shambo, a racially motivated killing. Lets not help gov sweep racism under the carpet like usual.

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