1. Cancer Research

U.K. Legendary activist Keith Mann knows that plant based nutrition leads the way for Cancer treatment and offers a much higher chance of recover than controversial conventional treatment. Of course if the NHS/gov implemented plant based nutrition as an alternative, such as the Gerson way, those who stand to profit from conventional medicine would eventually be out of pocket as it is becoming increasingly more obvious that plant based nutrition leads the way… (learn more)

2. Free Speech U.K.

Since 2012 we have been engaged an extremely important struggle for free speech in the United Kingdom which has its roots in the ‘false flag’ 7/11 London Underground Bombings. In 2005/6, the American Professor of Philosophy Dr. Steven Best was the first person in the U.K. to experience the deliberate abuse and misuse of Anti-Terrorist Legislation by a so called democratic government that prioritises the prevention of economic violence, i.e. any threat to the current structure of power, over that of actual physical bodily harm…. (learn more)

3. Freedom of Conscience & Religion

On a very similar Human/Animal Rights violation by the British Government is what we see as not only a war against Hindu’s but part of the bigger war against faith, human/animal liberation and the natural environment. Please support, sign and share this petition for change:

(learn more)

Until justice prevails let us seek to abolish Governmental Corruption & Prejudice: – SHARE

— Gandee (@interfaithvegan) May 3, 2014

5. Free Birdi


5. Bedroom Tax

Many of our fellow citizens have been severely affected by the U.K. Government’s introduction of the ‘bedroom tax’ (under occupancy rule) –  a tax which has proved to be reckless politics as it has left tens of thousands of people including vulnerable persons at risk of loosing their homes if they cannot afford to comply with this taxation, neither are their enough one bedroom properties in the U.K. to accommodate the subsequent demand. Therefore, the current political system has yet again furthered the inequality gap, and lost credibility as everyday people are now beginning loosing patience. Indeed, we support many of the resistance movements that have emerged from various struggle borne out of this corrupted political system. We strongly oppose the bedroom tax and seek to support all those affect in any way that we can. If you know of anyone affected by this tax or that as a result is in need of any support or advice, then please refer them on to our partners at HOOH (Hands Off Our Homes).

6. Global Tree Rights

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