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Compassionate Animal Liberators & Friends

Sharon C-A-L-FA series of revelations over the last decade prompted Sharon Lawler (a compassionate vegan) to find a way to make the world a better place. Thereafter, the C-A-L-F initiative was born. C-A-L-F is now considered the Holy Grail of N.Yorkshire and anyone can get involved. C-A-L-F comprises of an authentic ‘Ahimsa’ Café (+Takeaway), and an Animal Sanctuary (which is currently under threat of closure). The 5 Star Café is situated in the magical seaside town of Scarborough, only 2 minutes walk away from the South Bay Golden Sands. All the proceeds from this amazing non-profit Café goes towards the upkeep of the sacred C-A-L-F Sanctuary. The C-A-L-F Sanctuary is a two acre field situated in the neighbouring village of Malton, only 15 minutes drive from the Café. C-A-L-F Sanctuary rescues & rehabilitates injured and homeless animals (mainly farm animals). C-A-L-F also have animals at other sites due to limited space on their field. However, following the ‘devastating’ news – that their landlord was no longer willing to renew their tenancy – team C-A-L-F had no choice but to search for ‘higher ground’. And this is where all YOU wonderful smiley 🙂 emotion people come in. Please Help Save C-A-L-F Sanctuary!

Urgent Appeal

C-A-L-F have less than a month to raise approximately £5,645 out of the £80,000 needed to secure their £200,000 deposit on a new piece of land (7 acres and a house) costing a total of £400,000. They’ve already remortgaged their Vegan Café and set aside virtually all their life savings to make this dream come true.
You have already donated a staggering £74,355, mainly through their crowdfunding campaign “Dukes Place Called Home” (see below). Duke is one of the severely injured animals that C-A-L-F have helped rehabilitate on their farm (see below). So this is an appeal for people to do whatever they can to help C-A-L-F raise the rest of the money to pay their deposit. No donation is too small, people can donate via their website or via their Crowdfunding Page. Another thing people can do is simply share the campaign FAR & WIDE, via social media, and through email. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP MAKE THIS VIRAL !!
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“Help us to keep calf sanctuary alive. Without your support we cannot do this……….  If we can secure the place we have seen, there is huge potential to expand over the years and to get open to the public with so much more than a sanctuary……….   Our hopes are to share our dream with you the people and we tell it from the heart ……….. We are not after fame and fortune. All we want is to keep our much loved rescues safe and keep calf sanctuary alive for years to come………. Be part of the dream and i promise we will never let you down” ~C-A-L-F


Exclusive: C-A-L-F are also giving away tons of exclusive offers for those donating specific amounts, which include an all inclusive weekend at the new C-A-L-F Sanctuary (please see their Crowdfunding Page for more info and a full breakdown of costs).
Fundraise: People could also organise their own fundraisers to support this cause, maybe auction off goods/art/books/film/music etc, bake a cake stall, make a meal of it, have a C-A-L-F night/weekend, pie & peas, pizza, film (We are all Earthlings etc), run a marathon, do a 4 day fast, a bungee jump, skydive, scuba dive, the list goes on, but don’t delay!
Your support will help secure the future & expansion of C-A-L-F Sanctuary for many moons to come – IF successful, C-A-L-F will be open to public and as always will make a wonderful day/afternoon out for everyone, in the meantime why not try some fantastic food at the C-A-L-F Café?!

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