RASTAFARI: Red, Gold & Green

haile-selassie-021The colours red, gold and green are transcendent of Rastafarianism. Red is said to represent the triumphant church of the Rasta’s as well as the blood of the martyrs in the black struggle for liberation. The gold represents the wealth of the African homeland while the green represents Ethiopia’s beauty and lush vegetation [1]. Moreover, the Lion (Conquering Lion of Judah) also represents strength and Africa, hence Rastafarians have even more reason to unify and reach the homeland where this endangered species struggles for its survival.

Ital is Vital

For the biblical basis of vegetarianism one need look no further than Genesis, Leviticus and also Romans: “It is good neither to eat flesh nor drink wine, nor anything whereby thy brother stumbleth, or is offended, or is made weak” ~Romans 14:21

Like the inside of a temple ones body should be kept righteous, pure and holy unto God, that is to observe to the best of ones ability the Nazarite vow. This includes abstinence from alcohol and any matter of blood which is the issue of life. All animals contain blood no matter what rituals are preformed on them, one cannot completely separate the blood from its flesh. Also to touch a dead body is to defile the nazarite, hence vegetarianism is shown in the Levitical laws which are not made null or void by the coming of Jesus as argued by some sects of Judaism. Although Jes-us was a Nazarite he made himself unclean many times according to the law. One becomes unclean for 7 days.

In Babylon men and women are observed eating meat, drinking alcohol and taking harmful substances leading mankind astray and resulting in all manner of violence, sin and iniquity. This is thought to be the reason why we are all going through the fire of hell on earth and the reason that we suffer. Therefore being Rasta is to separate oneself from the things that cause him/her to stumble, be weak and down pressed.

Hence, Rastafarians are to observe the Nazarite Vow abstaining from all that what is derived from the animal kingdom. (Adapted from Empress Gong from Rasta Nick’s Forum)

The body is thy temple, we should be conscious of what is put within it. If you believe your temple to be a carnal then you will fill it with death and destruction in the form of animal flesh and processed food like substances. If you however value and Raspect it, you would offer it natural food from which no death or suffering is involved. For most, this involves a vegetarian or vegan diet. That just makes sense for most of us from and ethical/spiritual standpoint and from a holistic/health view as well…~I-Sciple

Natty Dread

There are appears to be two main factors in why Rastafarians wear dreadlocks, the Nazarite vow as mentioned above, in addition to abstaining from animal products and so forth one should neither cut ones hair. Avoidance of cutting one hair is a characteristic of other faiths and cultures. Moreover, wearing the dreadlocks appears to have been uncommon until the mid 50’s when the Kenyan tribe known as the ‘Mau Mau’ sought to resist the Colonial British in Kenya. As the had controlled Jamaica, many Jamaicans felt subject to Babylon’s oppression. While the majority conformed to Babylon, the Rasta took inspiration from the Mau Mau resistance. A tribal custom of the Mau Mau was the wearing of the natty dreadlocks hence the Rasta culture integrated the dreadlocks as part of its identity.

…Unfortunately a lot of us who have foresaken meat and processed foods are still being poisoned. With a diet that is made up mostly of fruits and vegetables it is disconcerting to know that bananas, tomatoes, potatoes, corn, beans, peas and a host of other plants are genetically modified. Not forgetting all the soya products that find their way into many foods. Why on earth would anyone want to eat tomatoes modified with flounder (a fish) DNA, and why insert human DNA into corn?…” ~I-Sciple

2329785939Dedan Kimathi Waciuri (31 October 1920 – 18 February 1957) born Kimathi wa Waciuri, was a leader of the Mau Mau which led the resistance, a highly controversial character, Kimathi’s life has been subject to intense propaganda by both the British government who saw him as a terrorist, and Kenyan nationalists who view him as the heroic figurehead of the Mau Mau ‘rebellion’. Despite being viewed with disdain by the Jomo Kenyatta regime and subsequent governments, Kimathi and his fellow Mau Mau rebels are now officially recognised as heroes in the struggle for Kenyan independence by the incumbent government.[2] His capture and execution by the Colonial Government in 1957 marks the beginning of Kenyan independence. (adpted from wikipedia.org)

Garvey to Selassie

Marcus_Garvey_H_Selassie_I_Leonard_HowellRastafari consider Garvey to be a religious prophet, and sometimes even the reincarnation of Saint John the Baptist. This is partly because of his frequent statements uttered in speeches throughout the 1920s, usually along the lines of “Look to the East for the crowning of a black king, for the day of deliverance is at hand!”[53] His beliefs deeply influenced the Rastafari, who took his statements as a prophecy of the crowning of Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia. Indeed, the name of the movement itself “Rastarfari” is based up King Haile Selassie I “Ras Tarfari Makonnen”.

…What is the reasons for this evil witchcraft being perpetrated by these mad science men? Why alter Gods blueprints that were 100% perfect to begin with? If a plant is altered to kill all insects do you want to breathe in its pollen, eat the honey produced by its nectar or eat the fruits of it? Babylon will tell us that they have our best interests at heart, that making a plant disease resistant is a benefit for all mankind, that they can feed the world etc, but that is not their aim. Their aim is to produce a plant that only their trademarked and licensed seed can be sold because only that devils egg can grow in the soil poisoned with their weedkiller, no other plant can survive. Buy only their seeds or starve. How about banishing famine and hunger? What about not turning over billions of hectres to growing cash crops in the majority world to support the sweet tooths of the minority world. How about not encouraging and promoting gluttony and greed and a standard of living that makes it acceptable to eat 3 times more food than you need daily whilst half the world goes to bed hungry? Control the worlds food and you control the world, this is part of their agenda…” ~I-sciple

No meaty meaty meaty mi a love a waaahh mi a cook a veggie veggie veggie veggie, no chemistry…. more reasons to endorse a compassionate lifestyle, see read more. This Rastaman yarr, naaa bun nutin….

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