All dominations of religious faith contain scriptures that attribute some level of love and respect for non-human animals. This message is clearer in some religions than it is in others but nevertheless there is no religion that states we MUST consume animals as though it was a law or duty.

Of course in the event that we do consume them the Abrahamic faiths provide provisions and guidance for doing so. However, they all state that in the beginning that our diet was seed, fruit and plant baring (A Raw Vegan Diet). They then go explain that some event took place and that permission was granted to eat the flesh of particular animals under certain conditions. That it might not be the abomination that we had innately believed.

How were we to survive following a long period of drought… or throughout the cold winter periods as we drifted away from the equator, or following a massive flood of torrential rain fall? How were we to survive when stocks of natural food were low? These of course are difficulties that we have encountered throughout history and we can see why permissions to deviate from our natural diet was permitted.

Although it seems, what was intended as a temporary measure (the consumption of animal flesh), became a ‘permanent’ state of affairs, and worked into traditions and cultures across the world.

Although some religious faiths seem to have maintained the principle of vegatairinaism and non-violence etc.


There are many religious pathways that imply a completely non-violent future, not only preaching but also teaching and practising ‘absolute’ non-violence through living a vegan lifestyle as can be clearly traced in each religion.

It therefore seems that respect for all Gods creation, especially sentient life, is the key foundation which unifies all religions with each other and also with non-religious movements such as ‘animal liberation’ which in essence share the same respect sentient life.

Most religions have become biased against non-violent vegan education in line with the rapid demands of urbanisation, industrialisation and modernisation. The Society of Ethical Vegans (SERV) provide extensive unbiased information about veganism within all religions. The following videos provide an incite into what SERV are about.


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