Anne Clark

A Pioneer of Spoken Word, The Impeckable Anne Clark 

Our good friend dread cabbage recently gifted us with an old Anne Clarkschool compilation of some music for the animals, and music to the ears it was. Given that we’ve recently been summoned by Major Arcana in reaching out for the bulls, there was one song in particular that resonated, and that ‘song’ was a short verse by long standing performing artist, and probably Britain’s first female solo spoken word artist.
Anne Charlotte Clark (born 14 May 1960, Croydon, London, England) is an English poet songwriter, electronic musician. Anne is mainly a spoken word artist. Many of her lyrics deal critically with the imperfections of humanity, everyday life, and politics. She is the daughter of a Roman Catholic Irish mother and a mixed Scottish and Welsh Protestant father. Anne left school at sixteen having never been able to really “fit in” with the constraints of the education system. However, this in no way restricted her voracious appetite for music, books, and an inquisitiveness and practical need to be involved with the world around her. She took a number of jobs including working as a care assistant in Cane Hill psychiatric hospital and then taking a job at Bonaparte Records, a local independent record store and label. (wiki)

Nowadays, Anne is still going strong, doing her final round of tours across europe with her band. It seems that Anne has always had a warm heart and looked to support our nonhuman animal brethren and their helpers. We hope Anne will continue speaking out against animal abuse and support the ‘boycotting’ of bull fighting countries, such as Spain and Portugal. Nevertheless, here Anne makes an appeal for a very special kennel in Portugal, please help if you can.

Ana Duarte (Animal Lover)

(*1958, Sesimbra, Portugal)
Ana Duarte

“I have loved animals always.
 I remember when I was 7 years old, asking my mother to go with me to pick up a dog, that used to live in our street and was caught by the van of the “City Department” that would remove stray animals to its “shelter” and kill them. With my child’s broken heart I went into the killing “shelter” to point out the dog I wanted take with me….My God, there was so many… I wanted to bring all of them…..I will never forget their eyes begging for help! I was just a child.

Today I run an animal charity, established in 2003, in my city –


In the beginning we had no shelter and no accommodation for the animals.
From 2003 to 2005 I took animals to my home, before they could be re-homed. I took so many, that my neighbours became my enemies…
In 2005 the mayor allow Bianca to keep some dogs on a piece of land. So, part of the problem was resolved. A small part, because we could only put 12 dogs there, and the litters, the puppies, was so many…..
Fortunately, in the end of 2005, there were elections in Sesimbra county and I asked to meet with the new mayor who then agreed to build some kennels on the land and make a cooperation with Bianca. In 2006 the mayor built 18 kennels and fenced the area.

Since that date our shelter in growing and growing. Today we have 30 kennels, 30 “parks”, and a fenced training area.
We receive approximately 40 new animals a month! 
Thanks to animal lovers around the world we are able to give a better life and accommodation to our dogs and cats. But we are far away from the shelter we wish to have.

As well as having had several hobbies such as theatre, radio and teaching the illiterate people,
this cause is my life!
I have a degree in Administration and work full time for the government in the cultural area, but I can say that also work full time for Bianca! How do I do that? I do not know!” (Anne Clark)

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