Aims & Objectives

Here is an incomplete list of our aims and objectives which will hopefully shed some light on what the organisation is intended to be about:

  1. To help raise awareness within different social groups including but not limited to communities of faith, about:

a) the benefits of a whole plant based diet for optimum mental and physical health – and to the wider world; and

b) the consequences of industrial animal agriculture and;

– its impact on the animals involved

– its impact on the natural world (global warming, deforestation etc)

– its impact on human health and its contribution to dietary related diseases and illness

c) ‘speciesism’ and it’s subordinate manifestations of prejudice such as ‘racism’, ‘sexism’, ‘ableism’ ‘classism’ , ‘ageism’ and so on;

* Although the term ‘speciesism’ is not a widely used or understood concept it is a significant one used to explain human prejudice of non-human animals. Therefore not only do we seek to raise awareness of it, but like other manifestation of prejudice such as sexism and racism we seek its abolition.

2. To initiate dialogue with, and mediate between relevant persons, groups, authorities and so forth, with a view to;

a) counteracting and bringing about practical solutions for the issues listed in 1 (b) and;

b) instigating the unification and harmonisation of diverse social groups including but not limited to communities of faith and promoting solidarity between them and the multitude, especially in relation to the fulfilment of 2 (a).

3. To serve people from vulnerable social groups, (especially in relation to 1. (a)) including but not limited to those affected by:

a) Food/fuel scarcity and/or poverty;

b) Physical, mental and/or learning disabilities.

4. Assist other entities, especially non-for-profit and/or charitable groups in tackling social deprivation, elevating poverty and all issues listed in (1)

5. To promote and where ever possible provide;

a) holistic remedies and treatment (especially for ailments relating to malnutrition);

b) plant based nutrition and healthy eating initiatives;

c) food empowerment and sustainable living practices;

d) rehabilitation, retreat and sanctuary;

6. To campaign and support campaigns against;

a) social injustice and inequality, especially where campaigns relate to issues listed in (1); and campaigns for;

b) the protection of  freedom of speech & expression;

c) the protection of freedom of conscience & religion;

d) the unequivocal amnesty and/or disarmament of all firearms & atomic weapons;

e) the abolition of human/animal slavery, trafficking and exploitation.

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