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Friend of Sacred Earth Alain De Coessemaeker Needs Help

Help save sacred garden of Alain who for years has represented Animals & Planet to the extent that he rightfully refused to destroy the tree that had grown for many years in his garden. However, his greedy neighbours realised that they could get money from Alain if he refused to cut them down, so they both conspired against him taking him to court. Neglecting specific laws the courts ruled that Alain must cut the trees or pay a ridiculous amount of money to his neighbours. Alain challenged the filthy courts to the bitter end but to no avail. Nevertheless, with support of friends Alain carried out a groundbreaking tree transplantation somehow managing to transport these gracious trees to a new place away from the city. However, Alain’s neighbours and the courts claimed that he took too long and insisted that that he now must sell off his garden to pay them compensation, he had no choice otherwise they would have authorised the corrupt bailiffs to repossess his life long home. He now needs our support to help him buy back the part of his garden they forced him to sell. For more up to date info see here and for more history of this assault please see here.

Please support this crowdfunding campaign to help Alain reclaim his land/home. It is in Flemish but please share far and wide. Here is the situation in Alain’s words:

Recent pictures of the successfully planted Maple Trees and Willow Tree on the new location 20 km further after my neighbors obliged me by court to remove them from the garden of my ancestral home . As ” thank ” for our 2 years long hard labour , the judge gave my neighbors the legal right to ruin my life, to blackmail me to sell 60 m 2 of my garden ( i should give them within 8 days an unpayable amount of money , if not they would charge me 300000 Euro after the judge gave them the legal right to because we moved the Trees ALIVE and didn’t kill them) and to let them oblige me to sell my parents home because we didn’t kill the Trees but moved them ALIVE .

To move Trees of 30 years and older , a preparation time is needed of minimum 2 a 3 years . I was blackmailed to pay 13500 Euro as condition for an amicable agreement . Instead of an amicable agreement , the 87 years old east neighbor on which her side all Trees were removed , let lay executive real estate tips on my ancestral home, she wants 50000 Euro more , which obliged me to go into collective debt mediation. , while the west neighbor obliged me to remove also the beautiful Cherry Trees they always said to everyone they wouldn’t make a point if they have no nuisance of the branches . , while they wanted me to pay 35000 Euro more before 1 january 2016 , while they want to oblige me to pay them the rest of my Life , the remaining money of 150000 Euro there judge gave them the legal right to to claim .
Both neighbors obliged me to pay this in total 85000 Euro before 1 january 2016 and if i didn’t pay them, i should place my ancestral home for sale from 1 january 2016 and place my home for public sale on 1 october 2016 . It is obvious this has absolutely nothing at all to do with an amicable agreement and because of this i absolutely want to buy back my most beloved part of my ancestral garden The following days an international fund and campaign will be started to buy back this favourite part of my ancestral garden which i was blackmailed to sell and to reimburse the person who wanted to buy this part of my garden .
15000 Euro is needed to buy back this piece of ground , so it is important the crowd fund will be spread as far and as much as possible throughout the world . Friday the account number and website will be spread and the international press will be informed . . Now Saturday 23 april from 13 hour, everyone can bring a visit to my ancestral home garden , Vondelstraat 58 , 8310 Assebroek Brugge ( Belgium ) . in the frame of Word Earth Day, Sing for the Trees, an international event organised by Susan Elizabeth Hale. On this day , people all over the world are singing for our dearest Oxygen suppliers, our Trees . When you cannot come, please take a moment of silence on World Earth day in name of the again threatened Cherry Trees in my ancestral garden. Thank you in name of All Trees on our Planet Earth”Alain De Coessemaeker

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Thank you for all your support 🙂 we will post a personal update from Alain soon, please keep this petition/campaign (Prime Minister of Belgium Charles Michel) moving and help put the spotlight on this greed and corruption taking place at a time where humanity’s attitude towards Tree’s & the environment should take priority. Tree are being cut down so fast in the world that the earth might not recover, or at least humanity. Now is the time to TAKE ACTION.

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