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Interfaith Mediation & Vegan Outreach

The IVA seeks to operate from a multicultural perspective, being more inclusive of minority groups where information about cruelty free living may be inaccessible or restricted due to circumstantial factors such as cultural, religious perceptions, beliefs, traits or linguistic barriers. We presently active with the Bahai community whom we strive to meet every Sunday from around 12PM. This concerns social action within the local community. Secondly we engage with a Muslim group who prepare meals for the homeless on the last Friday of every month. These engagements are both challenging and rewarding.  We are currently exploring method and application and welcome anyone to get involved so please do not hesitate to get in touch if you are interested, or wish to share ideas or make any suggestions. We are also in need of sponsorship and/or financial assistance if anyone is able to help or advice please get in touch.

Community Kitchen Garden – Eco-therapy *DAILY 2016*

Growing organic produce to help nourish the homeless and needy

We host various groups & events at our magical allotment plot. One such project will be a women’s group interested in confidence building, and learning general gardening, food, herb and flower growing skills. Another supports people undergoing detox and rehabilitation issues. Also sessions for Children & Juniors. Again we do however require support for fulfil and sustain these projects, any assistance is welcomed. Anyone interested in either of these groups or would simply just like to view the site, please get in touch.

No Borders Protest

(Shut Down Detention Centre) *7th May 2016*

The Great Vegan Feast *19th May 2016*

The Great Yorkshire Vegan Festival *18th June 2016*

(We hope to have a stall here, if anyone would like to sponsor or work with us, we could acquire more space, please let us know)

Winter Fest *27th November 2016*

(We hope to have a stall here, if anyone would like to sponsor or work with us, we could acquire more space, please let us know)

For events enquiries please see contact page.

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