Do you have a message, event, article, post, video, audio file, product or service that you would like to promote? If so, then look no further, we have a range of options available for you. We welcome all things green, organic, and natural. Especially ideas, messages, events, products, centred on cruelty free living, environmental sustainability, health, equality and social justice.

Banners & Text Links

Banners and text links can be submitted to promote a message, cause, event, product or service. Each banner/text will link directly to your website (where applicable). Your ad will appear in either the footer, sidebar or header sections of this site. Ads in the footer area will appear on every page, those in the sidebar section will appear on almost every page with a few exceptions. Header ads are the largest option although a smaller sized banner can be set to overlay headers (i.e. see orange website banner on the header above) and will remain constant, while the other ads will rotate.

Prices are based on the banner/font/message size, below are some examples, including what size images to submit. Custom styles and sizes can be arranged on request. You may update/modify or replace your text/banner/message at any time simply by emailing the updated version and requesting accordingly. We aim to make any change within 48 hours of your submission.

To display your advert please submit your text, message or image via email. Please state how long you would like your advert to feature on the site. Your ad will be reviewed within 48 hours, if approved you will receive payment/contract details. Once your payment has been received your advert will display on the website within 24 hours.

Examples & Prices:

Text links

Text 1 (small) = £3.99 per month

Text 2 (medium) =£5.99 per month

Text 3 (Large) = £7.99 per month


Banner 1 (286×30) = £15 per month (upper sidebar)

Ad3 286 by 20
Free Speech Orange Sponsor
Suma_sponsor smll2
Leeds 2016 Banner30x286

Banner 2 (375×175) = £20 per month (footer)


Banner 3 (286×286) = £25 per month (sidebar-middle)

Ad Squared

Banner 4 (Animations) = £ (please submit animation for quote)


Banner 5 (1286×253) = £30 per month (Header)

Ad Header

Scrolling messages/images can also be featured anywhere on the site. Please submit your query for further information or a quote.

Audio & Videos

Do you have a particular sound file, video or playlist that you would like to feature on this website? If so then please submit a brief description, and if possible a link or sample of the video or audio in question. You will be replied to within 48 hours with a quotation which will take into factors such as file size, duration, position and so forth. Audio/videos can feature anywhere on the site, sidebar, footer, pages and posts etc.


[ti_audio media=”886″ width=”500″ autoplay=”0″ autoload=”1″ autoresume=”1″]


Featured Articles/Posts

Do you have an article or post that you would like publishing on this website? If so, please submit details of your piece, stating whether it is to include images, links, videos, audio etc, how long the article will be and for how long should it remain on the website. You will receive a quote within 48 hours. A page such as this which includes mixed media and highlighting would start from around £40 per month and would include numerous links to it within the sidebar and/or footer area.

For more information please submit a query using the contact form beneath. Our email address can be found on our contact page here.

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Your Message

There is no guarantee or promise to your text link, banner, article etc will deliver any click-throughs, purchases or engagement on your website, only that it will be displayed for the period first agreed and will be visible to more and more people as this site grows. Particularly within the UK and the US. Prices are subject to change, but all current advertisers will be given at least one months notice should there be any price changes. There will be no refunds should an advertiser wish to remove their material once it is published.
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