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PALEEDS1Today Ahmad Safi of the Palestinian League blessed a terrific audience with his graceful presence. We’d like to say a big thank you those who attended the event despite the uninviting weather! Especially to the LAP crew 😀 who clearly stand shoulder to shoulder with recipients of oppression. This serves as testament to us that when applying typical animal standpoint theory from day to day, one is more likely to come out in support of any oppressed or marginalised group. There was a great feeling of solidarity and respect between all those present today. As the minister had kindly explained previously, Unitarianism has historic engagements with social revolutionary reformists, and of this he is proud. Subtle vibes of renascence permeated the room. Ahmad sparked some chuckles and laughs with his charisma and wordplay as he covered PAL’s beginnings and present work.

PALEEDSToday was the first of five locations across the country where Ahmad is to talk. PAL do a lot of work with young people and are very keen to share their work and experience through educational institutions. We had also hoped to arrange numerous engagements with Muslim groups and Mosques, but due to time constraints this was not possible, however, PAL will return, hopefully in greater numbers, maybe then we can help initiate a compassionate uprising. Until then, be sure to follow and support PAL in any way you can.



Exclusive Interview with Ahmad Safi & Liz Tyson

In the Muwatta Muhammad’s (pbuh) Umar explains to one Man: ”Every time you get hungry you go out and buy meat? Right? In other words, every time you desire meat, you go out and buy it?” He said, ”Yeah”and Umar said, ”It would be better for you to roll up your tummy a little bit so that other people can eat”


In the Muwatta, Umar says: ”Beware of meat, because it has an addiction like the addiction of wine.”
”If animals have been subjected to cruelties in their breeding, transport, slaughter, or in their general welfare, meat from them is considered impure and unlawful to eat (Haram)… Even if these animals have been slaughtered in the strictest Islamic manner, if cruelties were inflicted on them otherwise, their flesh is still forbidden (Haram) food.
“Whoever is kind to the lesser creatures is kind to himself.” ~Prophet Muhammad – PBUH

”It is not their meat nor their blood, that reaches Allah; it is your piety that reaches Him. […]Qu’ran 22:37

”..the only sacrifice which God requires from man is the Surrender of his will and purpose ~Al Islam
Don’t make your stomach a grave yard of innocent birds and animals. Prophet Muhammad said to Hazrat Ali
”And by means of this (water). We bring forth for you gardens of date-palms and vines, wherein you have FRUIT ABUNDANT AND WHEREOF YOU EAT as well as a tree that issues from (the lands adjoining) Mount Sinai, (8) yielding oil and relish for all to eat.” ~Qur’an, Chapter 23: The Believers (Al-Múminum) Verses 19-20
“The one who made the earth habitable for you and the sky a structure. He sends down form the sky water, to produce ALL KINDS OF FRUITS FOR YOU SUSTINANCE.” ~Qur’an, Chapter 2: The Heifer (Al-Baqarah) verses 22
“And we sent from the sky blessed water, to grow with it gardens and grains to be harvested. Tall date palms, with clusters fruit. Provisions for the people” ~ Qu’ran, Chapter 50: Q. (Quf) verses 9-11
“At one time the Rasul (Prophet) of Allah said to his cousin ‘Ali, O Ali, you should not eat meat. If you eat meat for forty days those qualities will come within you. Those actions eill come within you. Their blood will come within you. There qualities and hteir actions will come within you. Because of that, you human qualities will change, your compassionate qualities will change, the essence of your body will change. O Ali, you should not eat meat of flesh. You have to diminish that. Do not eat that” ~Muhammad Raheem Bawa Muhaiyaddeen, Islamic Sufi saint.
“Forbidden to you (for food) are: DEAD MEAT, BLOOD, THE FLESH OF SWINE and that on which halh been invoked the name of other than Allah that which have been killed by strangling or be a vilent blow or by a headlong fall or by being gored to death” ~Qu’ran, chapter 5: The Feast (Al-Ma’edah) verse 3


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