The Sea Shepherd: Capt. Paul Watson

Captain Watson is guided by a singular truth: if the oceans die, we die! Humanity and civilization cannot survive on this planet with a dead ocean, and Captain Watson leads a movement that seeks to inspire passionate people to harness their courage, imagination and resolve to defend life and biodiversity in our oceans. In the following TEDx talks Paul Watson covers all manner of issues from non-violence to lawful economic terrorism. Join today.

Theres nothing wrong with been aggressive so long as you respect the sanctity of life” ~Paul Watson

WhaleFor 30 years, Captain Paul Watson has been at the helm of the worlds most active marine protection non-profit organization Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Paul Watson’s career as a Master Mariner began in 1968 as a seaman with the merchant marines and with the Canadian Coast Guard. In 1972, Watson co-founded the Greenpeace Foundation (GP) in Vancouver, BC. In 1977, Watson founded Sea Shepherd Conservation Society dedicated to research, investigation, and the enforcement of laws, treaties, resolutions, and regulations established to protect marine wildlife and their habitats worldwide. Capt. Paul Watson has effectively used aggressive business disruption to make world changing effects. In this candid talk he makes the case that we as human on the “Earth-ship” are passengers, but we are killing the crew that is meant to take care of us.


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