Indigenous America: Returning to the Corn

Indigenous America: People of the Corn

Indigenous America, it is sometimes forgotten but the indigenous people of los americas are the original people of the corn. They had successfully cultivated hundreds of varieties of organic corn many moons ago. The amazing maize had many uses and formed the staple food for everyone at the time. The Hopi, Maya, Inca, and Aztec’s had all thrived on this sacred plant whose spirit was worshipped accordingly. Also sacred to the indigenous peoples were the animals. Although some tribes hunted, other tribes believed that killing beyond necessity was to open the gateways to hell. In a recent talk, the infamous Rodney Coronado suggested that his Indian descendants were primarily vegetarian, living  primarily off fruits, seeds, nuts, veggie and so on. At least until the elders prophesied of a dark era that would involve drastic changes.
This video is based on an article initially calledReturning to the Cornby Rita Laws
Also of aboriginal descent, the renowned author Rita Laws in a detailed study explains how the forced introduction of European customs & practices (on indigenous populations, which included the enslavement of animals and the habitual eating of them), coincided with the corrosion of indigenous values and traditions. The above audio is an interesting interview again with Rita Laws who covers related issues in more detail.

Burning Hearts

Of course Rod Coronado is one of many who feels the urgency to stand up and take affirmative action against some of the many shades of cooperate abuse threatening our heritage today. Top shot Jeff Wirth of Burning Hearts Media presents a number of short powerful films highlighting some current conflicts on sacred lands. Now more than ever before must people reconnect with the land, plants, animals (which are the life blood that runs through our very veins), and by any means necessary formulate creative ways to help protect the natural world and bring down this beast once and for all.

The above video concerns solidarity and the merging of groups in defence of the sacred. Over one hundred and fifteen years ago “the Tahltan First Nation leaders, in unity with 22 interior British Columbia tribes, signed the Declaration of the Tahltan Tribe, giving notice to the Government that the Tahltan people did not surrender their rights and title.

Similarly, the Gitxsan Tribe are currently been pressurised by the federal state to submit their heritage in order that Fracking can take place on sacred land. If enacted these proposals will have a disastrous impact on neighbouring rivers and wildlife. The Gitxsan describe themselves as the Salmon people and see themselves as blood relative to the Salmon, ‘go poison your own waters’ I hear them say. Please support the Madlii Lii

As though the colonial forces haven’t already caused enough damage, oppressing and killing countless numbers of indigenous people over the last 600 years until now. Now is the time, the earth is calling and needs unity more than ever before. Please support these groups in what ever way you can. Likewise, please work with Rodney where ever you may live and help protect the natural world around you. Please sign the following petition to help lift the colonial ban placed on Rod in 2005.
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