Monkey Business

Year of the Monkey

monkeyHappy New Year! Yes, 8th February 2016 Marks Chinese New Year, the year of the monkey. The diligent monkey. The fearless money, the tactful monkey. The cheeky monkey. Primates are our closest relatives of whom we share over 98% of the same D&A, in particular, with the bonobo chimpanzee.
A few words from Jane Goodall, presenting at the Parliament of the World’s Religions. Jane is a longstanding primatologist, conservationist, founder of both the Jane Goodall Institute and the Roots & Shoots international program responsible for connecting thousands of young activists across the world. Jane is also the United Nations Messenger of Peace.
We clearly have our evolutionary origins in these graceful cousins of ours, yet we are driving them to the brink of extinction. But how can people help from so far away. Well here are a few guiding suggestions.
First things first, why not simply go vegan? Its an absolute travesty to see how much of their habit is being destroyed to create space for growing animal feed.
There is probably enough food grown to feed the world’s people three times over but guess what, over half of this food ends up feeding farm animals for consumption by today’s affluent societies. Yes by serving meat dishes we are basically starving the world’s poorest young families, and of course while simultaneously driving other animal species closer to extinction.
Let it not be a tall order, as the monkey diet is part responsible for our human evolution in the first place, we can reason that our dietary origins stem from a very similar source as the monkey diet. We have so much in common with our cousins we can hardly deny it, we are two birds of a feather.
There is mounting evidence that we are physically herbivorous, despite common sense spelling this out. Let not a healthful diet seem burdensome as it need not be so. We should also feel inspired to boycott products containing palm oil since acquiring this entails gross destruction of Orangutan habitat putting the species in grave danger. 
We’ve seen the wonders of Jane Goodall, and this is another way that people can help, if people are unable to donate to her institute or her roots and shoots program, why not set up a roots and shoots inspired project?

These projects help young people learn about the environment and also empowers them to play an active role in protecting their environments. If you’re local, why not support us in developing a roots and shoots program? We have made a start but could really do with your support. Hopefully we can add our roots & shoots project to our list of projects soon.
Another way that people can help is to join ‘gateway to hell campaigns, people may have see a few videos of chimpanzees being retired from laboratories but may not have seen much about the many that remain in labs and are subjected to the most horrendous sadism one could imagine.

The gateway to hell campaign seeks to prevent the trafficking of animals, particularly monkeys that are taken out of the wild and would be bound for these dark labs. It’s a long established fact that this sadism carried out against these defenseless babies is sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry…
which in the UK happens to be the third largest contributor to the british economy and are affiliated with educational institutions across the country. This industry is said to have influenced the barring of outspoken US activist Dr. Steven Best from returning to Britain following his speech outside the cambridge university, where he condemned vivisection. Please support Bring Back Best (BBB).

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