Love & Revolution

Love & Revolution

Love & RevolutionOn the 4th of October 2015, the alliance ‘rolled’ into the Leeds Mill Hill Chapel for a song writing workshop that was due to take place before the night’s main event: Love & Revolution brought to us by the dynamic duo, Jimmy Davis and Luke Concannon on tour.

Rev’d Jo James, the minister of the Unitarian Church had put much effort into organising the event helping transform the sacred space into an jamming arena which by the end of the night had had half the audience shacking out on the ‘dance floor’. The audience also enjoyed music from Leeds poet and musician Harry Orme of People Poems who set the tone with a few of his distinctive harmonies.

With two exceptional guitarists in God’s house (Luke & Harry), both knew that if one of their guitars went haywire during the gig that then the other one would have it covered. In other words Harry brought some spare guitar strings which is just as well as Luke was strumming for England throughout the night, at one point he inspired half of the audience to follow him outside on to the church courtyard facing the city square chanting the chorus to one of his favourite songs. It was at this point that the Mill Hill Chapel became the chapel of love & revolution!

And of course the Amazing Jimmy Davis Davis of Brumsdale Massive enticed the audience with his majestic urban city rapture. Both Luke and Jimmy were a compliment to each other and testament that two different styles of music both can merge adapt and reproduce something extra special. Blessing the alliance with the highly acclaimed Existence Is The Sound Of Love Jimmy said ‘rock on’. A must have for all UK Citz everyone should own a Jimmy Davis Davis Album.

Also in the house helping to motivate the people were the AfterGlow Crew, SantinGlo who relished the opportunity to rock the mic and roll out some lyrics of his own while Luke played the melody and Chloe let loose on the dance floor. Not to mention Rev’d Jo James and family who brought the house down. Food was provided by The Real Junk Food Project (TRJFP), with founder Adam Smith also paying a flying visit. Although the menu was not strictly vegetarian, Adam’s vegetarianism was itself influenced by the facts presented in the award winning film ‘forks over knifes‘. It seems deciding whether or not TRJFP should deal with vegetarian food only, or also include flesh foods was a difficult decision to make according to Adam.

At the time Adam felt it was in the best interest of the Project to accept flesh foods in addition to plant based food from his food donors. Nevertheless, if Adam is serious about the TRJFP motto “let’s really feed the world”, he is undoubtedly going to have take animals and their byproducts off the menu once and for all since to a large extent MEAT is why the world is starving, malnourished and sick in the first place. This is but only the tip of the iceberg…….

Nevertheless, we remain hopeful  that  on pursuit of eradicating world hunger that the project will grasp the importance of taking meat off the menu and transforming into a real health food project and expanding its circle of compassion. Meanwhile, Jimmy respectfully said his grace before eating, where it came to light that he too was almost a vegetarian and had been for a while which helps explain some of his emotive lyrics about the earth birds bees and trees.

Jimmy did however express concern about body mass and some degree of uncertainty about whether a vegan diet could accommodate an increase in this. Many people share this concern, it is often one of the first obstacles that vegetarians have to contend with when a friend or family member discovers you are ‘giving up’ meat. There are tons of similar negative perceptions entrenched in society about the consequences of giving up meat, not to mention about ‘going’ vegan! 

The leaflet ‘veggie phobia‘ is a useful resource that seeks to address many of these perceptions (download via this link).

Indeed, there are many societal pressures that hamper people’s transition but this is all part of the process in discovering thyself and of expanding our circle of compassion and consciousness. Nevertheless, vegans often point to the fact that some of the largest animal on the planet are indeed vegan (herbivores), and have no problem with protein, muscle mass etc! Jim Morris provides a good example of someone who retains an outstanding physique on a vegan diet!

There is also Hin Chun Chui please see video. It may also be worth checking out: The Skinny Vegan’s Guide to Gaining Muscle by Matt Frazier.

Finally, for anyone concerned with how to increase weight and muscle mass while at the same time being compassionate towards non-human animals please read the following all-encompassing article which seeks to make the science behind it understandable as well as offer many knowledgeable tips on the topic.

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