Satguru Sri Ramana Devi

Satguru Sri Ramana Devi 

During autumn 2015, a good friend of ours ‘Angelo’ had attended a gathering somewhere in Cambridge. Like many others, he went there to be in the presence of a special SatGur: Ramana Devi. Angelo explained how on the night everyone grouped in a circle, shared their positive energies in a great jamming session.

A day or two later, Angelo met up with us at the Mill Hill Chapel for a gig featuring singer/songwriter Harry Ornme and duo Luke Concannon &  Jimmy Davis who were warming up for their Love & Revolution tour (read more). During the show Angelo was invited upon the stage to deliver some spice of his own. Angelo stepped up and recited multiple verses of his original freestyle ‘don’t put me in box‘ grime which went down a treat with the audience, everyone was glowing.

Who is Ramana Devi?

Ramana Devi 2Angelo later spoke about his visit to Cambridge and explained that the special jamming session they had with the SatGuru had given him the confidence to perform his rap at the Mill Hill Chapel gig, had he not have jammed with the Gura he may otherwise have ‘bottled it’. You gotta meet this woman‘ he later said, ‘she’s kind of like a Guru, people go visit her and get a kind of blessing / spiritual awakening‘. Angelo  described the meetings as ‘Darshan’ and explained that the Satguru occasionally makes herself available at various locations across the country and beyond for people wanting to experience Darshan with her.

We was compelled to find out more about this Guru and so did a little online study about her. Her name is Ramana Devi, a UK born, a self learned knower and teacher of the Vadas. It appears that Ramana is of the Hindu faith and she describes Dashan as ‘Divine communion with God; it is a heartfelt experience of connection and oneness, whereby in the moment of Darshan you are experiencing the purest version of yourself. It is an opportunity for you to bring into awareness thoughts, feelings and behaviors about who you really are, and as you witness these things surfacing talking openly and honestly about how you can manifest them more on a daily basis in your own life‘. 

And so during Ramana’s Dashan sessions, she offers her embrace and loving glance into the eyes of the receiver on who it appears to have a comforting and relieving effect (see here). Indeed it was a pleasure to meet up with Satguru Claire from Ramana’s UK based Sanctuary at the vegan festival in June 2015, we could only spare small change on that occasion but the following year we could afford a little more. Claire kindly invited us to the opening day of Ramana’s divine darshan at the Boo Theatre.
This was an interfaith special with all kinds of multi-faith/cultural performances, finally we had the pleasure of meeting with Satguru Sri Ramana for the first time and how gracefully radiant she was, two of us received her darshan blessings. We hope to visit Ramana’s Ashram (animal sanctuary)  in the near future.

Not only does Ramana reach out to people in search of inner light, but equally humbling was to discover how wide her circle of compassion is. Here Ramana speaks at IVU World Veg Fest (Nov 2014). Although there are many vegetarians in India the number of vegans are low and although Hindu’s respect the cow (symbolic of the mother) more so than other countries, cows are nevertheless exploited for their milk and suede. But what a courageous woman helping deliver the message of compassion to all. Ramana has numerous Ashrams around the world, Vegan Ashrams are few and far between but this one serves both humans & nonhuman animals ‘…seeking self realisation! Sri Ramana shares passionately that we are all souls and were all created equally by God.’ Meadows Farm, Dean Ln, Rossendale (07792 788627).


Our volunteers can be very lazy at times but we’d encourage anyone and everyone to help support Ramana’s mission and work in whatever way they can. Ramana supports many animals at her animal sanctuary Pashupati 30 acre Ashram in Rossendale, Lancashire, UK. Sri Ramana lives a Sattvic, Cruelty Free Lifestyle, and does her utmost to help the needy providing 100’s of meals each month through her mobile catering truck. Ramana supports many good causes.   

Finally, we haven’t forgotten about Shambo and the Anti Hindu racism that saw one pet/companion animal brutally slaughtered, this was the persecution of Shambo the Hindu Bull, although there was a lot of support for Shambo, the racists used their authority to kill the Hindu Bull. Not on Shambo but others were later murdered in the same racist spirit. When a fellow human contracts TB do you send them off to slaughter? What about the risks to other people and animals?

Skandavale Temple put up a good fight at the time but ever since have shied away from justice and even sided with the corrupt DEHRA who sadly perpete racism, speciesism etc. Please sign the following petition, thank you.


There are some aphorisms that are highly encouraged in Hinduism or discouraged in order to be devout, but then there are aphorisms that are forbidden, and we’re glad to hear that *not to eat meat/eggs is one of them. In general regarding Hinduism, eating meat and eggs is discouraged, but not forbidden; one can be still a Hindu and eat meat/eggs generally speaking. But the Saivites is one of the most strict Hindu religions and forbids it–at initiation, taking a vow not to eat. That is just one aphorism of 365 (only 18 which are forbidden), based on many different issues (such as political, raising children, marriage, etc.). The degree of ‘strictness’ of course depends on what level of conscious awareness people are on. We’re happy to learn that more and more Hindus are also rejecting dairy along with a million other vegans due to ethical reasons is to truly respect the Bull/Cow that has given so much more than his/her fair share to mankind since been domesticated 6,000 years ago.

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