No Evictions

“No Evictions”

West Yorkshire Bedroom Tax Resistance Group

This group emerged in response to pressure from social housing landlords whom have begun issuing notices of ‘seeking possession’ (under the Housing Act 1985) on their long standing tenant’s who have fallen into arrears as a result of the bedroom tax.

We unlike related groups are not aligned to nor affiliated with any political parties or groups, and are open to any member of the public, especially those who live in or around Yorkshire that disagrees with the Bedroom Tax and whom wish to offer their support for those affected, typically low income families, often living with some degree of physical/mental disability or who have some other personal/social circumstance for their present occupation. It is therefore important that we prepare for Civil Resistance/Disobedience and Stand our Ground in the face of this ‘Nazi’ Regime. If you would like to be added to our network tree of resistance please let us know by joining the following facebook group (link below).

Hence, in the event of an eviction we will then notify you and all other members in advance of any attempted eviction with details of where you will need to be in order to support the ‘evictee’, by forming a BLOCKADE if necessary, or by making yourself useful in some other way such as filming/baring witness to the efforts of this Nazi League – but making sure that we maintain the principle of non-violence. By law social housing landlords have to give the time and date of they expect to carry out the eviction, which will give us enough time to mobilise ahead of any attempted eviction. At the end of the day, arrears amount to a statuary matter and therefore is not a criminal offence. The following video although not identical to the bedroom tax evictions is a wonderful example of how an eviction can be safely and soundly evaded.

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