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…Tracking the Author…


…Tracking the Author…


A Master Piece From Charmaine Ingham


A Piece From the Super Jason Wallace


More of the Leeds Born Artist MaX wOoTtEn


More About the Terrific Maya Evans

Maya Comic

Courtesy of Darren Sunderland

Double Check

Courtesy of the talented Artist MaX wOoTtEn

Be Vegan

If anyone would like to design and a simple four frame comic, all you need to do is click here, ‘the knowledge is yours’. We’d like to invite people to have a go at creating a simple comic, no matter how well you may draw, we are happy to share your creation with the world. If anyone has any ideas about what kind of comic might do well, please let us know, or consider having having a go. Personal true stories are said to have great impact but of course not everyone is ready to share their personal stories, but they are very often most helpful to other! For more information or submission of comics please e mail:

For more info on our comics project click here

Also check out and ‘like’ the following page for more great comics 🙂

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